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Genetic selection

We are looking for continuous improvement of our breeding batches. To achieve the highest possible genetic variation in fish, we have implemented a specific system for identification of individual strains. It allows continuous monitoring of maternal herds. We focus mainly on desired results of breeding such as a high growth rate, disease resistance and slaughter efficiency. First, the verification is performed in our farms, then by our clients, who cooperate with us closely in this regard. This allows continuous improvement of our breeding lines. In addition, we collaborate with different reputable institutes in the field of biotechnology and private companies specialized in genetics.



Our priority is maintaining highest quality of produced eggs. Fish grown in our farms have the status of VHS- and IHN-free. Our farms have been assigned veterinary numbers and remain under the strict control of the District Veterinary Inspection. As Dabie Hatchery belongs to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), it is obliged to maintain high sanitary and veterinary standards contained in Aquatic Animal Health Code. According to the current guidelines of the Veterinary Inspection, every purchase of eggs is certified with an appropriate sale identification document or Health and Origin Certificate.
For sanitary reasons, entry of other means of transport into the area of our farms is strictly forbidden.


Continuous development

To maintain our status of being an innovative and leading company in our field, we have a team fully dedicated to develop our facilities, equipment and computer tools. The technologies implemented are well proven and produce good results. Equipment selected is developed by leading companies in our sector. We create also our own tools to reach better performance. Something, that would not be possible to achieve with the facilities that are actually on the market.