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Sparctic - Salvelinus Alis

Sparctic is a hybrid between arctic char and brook trout. It prefers spring or well waters properly prepared for breeding. The optimum temperature range is from 5 to 12°C with tolerance up to 16°C. It accepts higher densities but does not tolerate intensive farming and especially water coming out the bioreactors. It is very resistant against VHS and IHN. Its growth rate is comparable to brook trout. Thanks to its nice look and very good flesh quality, fish lovers and restaurant chiefs appreciate sparctic a lot. It is sold at the higher price level as it is a market subsitute for arctic char.




Mixed population triploid



From September till December


Survival rate

Until begining of feeding: 90 %


Days at sales

300 - 320 ATU


Days at hatching

430 - 450 ATU